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Madelynn Martiniere is a storyteller, community engineer, and technologist with expertise in developing engaging experiences both online and off. She has had an out-of-the-box career with a myriad of valuable experiences, from being an award winning writer and presenter, teaching classes on crowd-funding and leveraging online communities, being a founding member of 3 hackerspaces, and moonlighting as a science-fiction heroine on various book covers.

She has facilitated partnerships and sponsorships with companies including RadioShack, Texas Instruments, United Airlines, Makerbot Industries, Make Magazine, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, GigaOm, History Channel, Bravo!, Science Channel, Laughing Squid, and more.

Past clients have included Electromagnate Productions, Freeside Atlanta, Power Racing Series, TangoTab, Women 2.0, and more.

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